Employee Performance Management

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In today’s competitive world, companies need to take different steps to succeed. One of the most important of these is the performance management of employees. With proper management, you can increase employee productivity and motivation.

What is Employee Performance Management?

All of the core human resources activities will be to enhance the performance of managers and motivate employees. The role of human resources becomes the facilitator and empowerment of evaluation. Various activities, such as targeting, continuous assessment of employee progress, feedback, implementation of employee development plans, and designing a reward system are among the main functions of performance managers.
The process of employee performance management begins with the arrival of an employee to the organization and ends with leaving the organization. Performance management is a systematic system that improves the overall performance of the organization by improving the performance of individuals within a team framework. It is also a tool for achieving the best organizational status, creating effective communication, defining roles within the context of competency required, and developing achievable criteria.
employee performance management is a strategic approach that improves performance and team-building capabilities to achieve successful organizational results.

Employee performance management process

The term “employee performance management” became popular in the early 1980s when comprehensive quality management programs were reached to achieve high standards and quality performance. Tools such as job design, leadership development, training, and reward systems have developed in a comprehensive framework alongside the process of evaluating traditional performance. Performance management is a continuous process that runs between supervisors and employees throughout the year. A performance management system includes the following sections:

  • Explicit job description and employee performance plans.
  • Choose the right people by employing a suitable selection process.
  • Requirements, performance standards, measurement results, and overall performance should be identified.
  • Performance evaluation and feedback received during the course should always be managed.
  • Identify educational and developmental needs by measuring the results.
  • Implement employee development plans.
  • Hold annual meetings to develop performance and evaluate employee performance based on performance plans.
  • Reward and effective compensation systems should be designed to identify top employees.
  • Support the development of a career path for the staff.
  • Understanding the reason for leaving the staff and therefore managing the exit from the organization.


The employee performance management process also aligns personal achievements with the mission and vision of the organization. Employees are informed of the importance of running businesses to achieve the highest organizational status. By setting clear performance expectations, including results, actions, and behaviors, it helps employees understand their expectations outside their jobs. Receives feedback on a regular basis. Therefore, identifying issues at the initial stage and doing corrective actions.
As a result, employee performance management can be considered as a pre-active system that manages employee performance in line with the goals and performance of the organization. Indeed, it creates organizational and individual goals for achieving excellence in balance and integrity.

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