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  • November 13, 2022 / AT: 11:52 AM
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The best way that you can get more organic stars is that ask from your costumers. Make customers conscious that they can review and star rating your business on Google. Embedding Google business review on your website with schema markup and asking your customers for feedback. The part of your review should be easily accessible because customers will see in the shortest possible time.

Additionally, you should answer all of the reviews that you received. In your response, you should thank your customers that have left positive reviews and connect to customers that left negative reviews. This show that your business is paying attention to customer’s feedback and consideration about the customer’s experience.

Answering to customer’s feedback will build trust for your company and you can get google organic stars more easy than the past. If customers trust to your company, they leave a more positive review and increasing your overall star rating. If your concern about the negative review, the only way is that you should get more positive feedback.

Action to increase your Google organic stars

1. Encourage your customers to leave Google reviews and stars rating
2. Sing up for a review site and start to encourage customers to review and rating your services.
3. Add the related schema to your website
4. Try to make a trust for your customer.
5. Write and improve the authority of your site by creating good content.

If you do these actions in a short time you can see that your Google organic stars and so many people, see your website. Get organic stars are a very important issue for all company and they should pay attention to it. If your website has 5 stars in Google review people can trust you more easily and you can stabilize your place between people.

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