Responding to Negative Google Reviews

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  • November 13, 2022 / AT: 11:13 AM
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When you ask our customers for reviews, you should know that all feedback will not be positive. There are those who give negative google reviews because they may not be happy with the services and products provided by your company. It’s perfectly natural to give you a bad sense of negative feedback, but you need to know that getting negative feedback negatively affects your business’s growth and development. By receiving negative google reviews from users, you must have the ability to respond to them in the best possible way. The correct answer to negative feedback reflects the organizational culture and therefore you should pay close attention to it.

Of course, when you receive feedback, you should not respond immediately, or act on it whenever you like. However, you need to make sure you listen to google reviews. If necessary, save the feedback for future reference. Finally, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to give feedback to answer the negative feedback, there are several solutions that we will address below:

  1. Thanks for the negative google reviews

I know that you did not expect such a critique! However, before hanging up on your pride and telling the person how wrong his feedback is, hangover, look in his eyes and have a “thank you” heart of him.

I guess if your feedback is important, your colleague has taken a lot of thought and effort to courage to say it. It’s fortunate that this person cares enough about you and your relationship to share the message. So what you can do is confirm the google reviews and say “thank you.”

I promise that this answer will put you in good shape and make sure that the communication channels remain open. In addition, you will receive more feedback in the future that can be very important to your success and reputation. Still doubt? Look at the wise words of Dan Rockwell, the Leadership Freak, in which he shares his seven positive responses to negative Google reviews with others.

  1. Think and then answer

When we receive strong google reviews, our brain’s amygdala is stimulated. This piece of the limbic system is responsible for the response to war and escape. Unfortunately, this response, designed to protect us from the threat, may mislead feedback as a threat.

This is a problem because the real threat is behavior or event that requires feedback in the first place. So stop the reaction at the first signs of “yes … but!” Or “you make mistakes” that the response begins to erupt. Suppress this reaction. Do not react to feedback. Instead, wait for the right time to respond; listen to the whole message. Then choose your answer.

Doctor Travis Brad berry of Vital Smarts affirms that learning to stay calm, especially when receiving negative or hard feedback, increases your performance.

  1. Looking up 1 percent of the truth!

When we receive negative or hard google reviews, we see it as a complete personality assassination. “You’re late,” it’s heard like “You’re always late,” which makes us remember events that are not only timely but rather early. Now, what happens if we change the “recapture” mode to “defensive”?

Instead of considering feedback as the absolute truth that occurs at any time, we must consider it as 1% of the truth.

Consider yourself a Google search result. The feedback you hear is a chain of words that have been entered in the search field-one data can lead to thousands of results. Focusing on 1% helps maintain a consistent perspective and do not miss out on feedback.

Here is a tactic we use in our leadership program to help with the google reviews process: consider feedback in three ways. First, write the feedback that has been shared. Then record anything you believe to be wrong in feedback. Finally, note what is likely to be true in the feedback.

Have a look at what you have done. You have been able to process feedback in a way that is 1%. What will you do now?

  1. Ask questions

Questions enable you to clarify what you have heard, to identify specific behaviors that have led to unwanted effects, and thus really listen to google reviews.

“I just listened during the meeting. However, can you tell me which day I was involved in the meeting? ”

“When you said ……. Did you mean ………… …? ”

“In what other sessions/situations did you see me do that?”

“What is your offer for me to do different things in the future?”

“What are your next steps?”

Use these six recommendations. In that case, when someone gives you unexpected feedback, you will have less sense of surprise. While strong feedback is never the first choice, it’s something that can speed up our success-if you listen to it.

Learn how to accept feedback with open-mindedness, in which case you will be in a better position to take appropriate action to accelerate your career and make sure your reputation as an excellent professional will continue.

There are other solutions to respond to negative google reviews, which are used in specific circumstances, but the solutions are general solutions that can be used in many ways. Experts from Upperly will help your business to get the most out of your feedback if you receive negative feedback, and will make your customers happy.

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